Should I have a caesarean section to protect my pelvic floor?

Since 1985 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has considered that the ideal caesarean rate should be 10 to 15%. I’ll stir the pot immediately by saying that I think that’s probably crap. This figure is based mainly on a demonstrable effect of caesareans on maternal and neonatal mortality. In other words, if you do less than that percentage, then more babies and mothers die. If you do more, then probably no less babies or mothers die. I agree with that. The WHO says in their statement (link HERE) regarding caesarean section rates that “there is no evidence showing the benefits of caesarean delivery for women or infants who do not require the procedure”. What does that even mean? Who gets to

An unwelcome visitor

Friday afternoon clinics at the Jericho Bush Nursing Clinic were usually dour affairs. Jericho population - less than a thousand. Average pace of life - usually not hectic. The postprandial somnolence resulting from the stomach filling burgers at the nearby cafe often led to a very sedate pace after lunch. A mole check here. A prescription there. Occasionally a patient would be a little more interesting than the usual punter. One afternoon I diagnosed heart failure in the local garage owner - Stan. He had a heart the size of a football. Normally his heart would be the size of a fist. I sent him off to the visiting physician who started him on medications and things slowly reverted back towar

Management of Urinary Incontinence

LBL was not a term I was aware of until relatively recently at which point advertisements for Poise incontinence liners and pads seemed to almost explode overnight on TV, in magazines and online. In fact I reckon the only people that this abbreviation meant anything to prior to the recent use of the initialism “LBL” (apparently it is not an acronym – fun fact for the day) were people from Latvia (and fans of the Latvian Basketball or Baseball league) and/or aficionados of the musical style of one DJ Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen (otherwise known as Laidback Luke). Clearly it is the LBL of the poise variety that concerns more women than those of the other less common LBL varieties although I

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