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In 1992 I did a 10 week rural attachment to Charleville Hospital. During the time that I was there I was lucky enough to be present through the entire labour and then delivery of a couple having their first baby. It was a long day and, in reality, all I did was talk, get hot packs, get drinks and in general just hung around. For someone who was destined to become an obstetrician I guess it was fate that forceps would be involved. When that baby came out I was amazed. Think of pretty much every superlative that you can imaginably use to describe an event which just BLEW YOUR MIND and that’s how it was. They took a photo of me with the baby. I think I was more excited than the Dad. A friend of


I thought that in my first post that I should give you an idea of where I’m from and the journey of how I got to Tassie. Unlike the vast majority of population movement in Tasmania I moved to Tasmania in 2001 and apart from a brief sojourn to Melbourne for 2 years in 2006/07, I've lived here ever since. Unlike Leo Schofield I decided that I quite liked it here and the lifestyle of Tassie was one of the main reasons my family and I returned to Hobart at the end of 2007. Prior to moving to Tassie I lived in Queensland. I grew up in Townsville, North Queensland and moved to Brisbane to undergo Uni training after completing high school. Initially, I was working towards a Bachelor of Science. I h

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