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Pregnancy, birth and the postnatal periods can be some of the most exciting and yet scary times of your life as a couple. "Helpful" information from well meaning friends and relatives can confuse and dismay. Access to well researched and accurate data can make all the difference when it comes to making decisions.


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Some women find it difficult to see their doctor about gynaecological issues. Sometimes there is a fear of embarassment or of asking the "wrong" questions. Being able to read about your particular problem prior to seeing your GP or a gynaecologist can help allay some of those fears. Remember!, the only silly question is the question you never ask.


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Navigating the ups and downs of the menopause can be  difficult. Dr Kennedy is able to advise regarding the various options of treatment for troublesome symptoms.


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The vulva is the external part of the genital organs and involves the labia and the opening to the vagina (known as the vestibule) and other surrounding structures. The skin and the nerve endings of this area can be extremely sensitive and many conditions can affect this area. Symptoms that can affect the skin and nerve endings in this area include pain and itching. Some of these symptoms can be devastating but can also be treated effectively.


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